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All our products are developed and controlled on our premises.


Our checking fixtures are delivered with a detailed control report, but also an repeatability & reproducibility study and instruction sheet on request.  We also control all types of parts, complex and varied (skew surface from a digital definition).

Our means :


  • WENZEL three-dimensional measuring machines: LH108, LH87, SMART  

  • HAUSER profile projector  

  • Measuring column 

  • Traditional measuring set MICROMETER, INTER-EXTER, PIGES, etc...


We use the latest version of 3D measurement software,METROLOG X4. World reference in the 3D measurement solution, this software is efficient in taking measurements and producing reports.

Metrolog X4 Usiprecis Checking fixtures
Usiprecis metrology room Wenzel LH87 checking fixtures
Logo Metrolog X4 Usiprecis Checking fixtures
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